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Complete end-to-end cloud based web portal that enables simplified management tasks across multiple devices.
One Solution for all Users
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Administrators, Teachers, Parents, Students and Alumni. All on one system, all capable of interacting with each other.
Multi-Profile Support
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Regular updates with integration and feature requests.
Continuous Integration

Navi School Management System

Navi School Management System (NSMS) is a comprehensive system that simplifies and facilitates the management of day to day operations for academic institutions. Our cloud based software solution provides a unified platform where school administrators, teachers, parents and students can all interact and collaborate, enhancing the end-to-end educational processes within a school. NSMS was designed to target schools that reside in a multitude of geographical locations including remote areas. Our platform thus supports a wide range of computational devices including: mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Here are just some of our greatest features at a glance:

  • Many-to-Many messaging communications platform.
  • E-Learning with built in assessment generation.
  • Multiple profile types. Administrators, Teachers, Parents, Students and Alumni.
  • Invoicing and Payments generation.
  • Payment Gateway integrations.
  • Alumni profiles with historical data and archives access.
  • Customizable reporting modules.
  • Cloud hosting, Security, Backups. All in one.
  • Development on request available.
  • Automated quarterly updates.
Take a look at our services page for a full list of system modules and features.
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