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We offer a comprehensive learner management/school management system for free which includes a wide range of modules that assist in the daily operations of academic institutions.

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Our Product Features

Navi School Management System (NSMS) is a comprehensive system that simplifies and facilitates the management of day to day operations for academic institutions. Our cloud based software solution provides a unified platform where school administrators, teachers, parents and students can all interact and collaborate, enhancing the end-to-end educational processes within a school. NSMS was designed to target schools that reside in a multitude of geographical locations including remote areas. Our platform thus supports a wide range of computational devices including: mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Multi-Role System

Administrators, Teachers, Parents and Students all on one platform. Each has access to their own features and data.

Feature Requests

We build our system based on customer requests. Our dedicated development team is able to react and build changes very quickly to suite your needs.


Manage your academic year and timetables. Manage syllabus for subjects with document and video support. Track homework with document support, email notifications and email escalations.


Student and Teacher profile daily attendance marking with reporting capabilities. A summary view is available that depicts attendance across the current academic year.


Capture assessments or examinations, capture their results and notify student and parents of their grades via Email or SMS. Eliminate paper based grading and manipulation, all data is accessible online from any device.


Create and send messages to a multitude of users along with the ability of expanding the conversation to multiple recipients.Send messages across profiles. Administrators, Teachers, Students and Parents can send messages to each other. Email notifications and SMS capabilities are also available.


Create single or recurring payments for multiple students. Track payments and view reports to ascertain the current financial balance as well as outstanding payments. Automated email notifications and escalations will keep parents notified of any outstanding payments. Payemnt Gateway integration is available.

And Many More

A wide range of other modules including: Dormitory, Gallery, NoticeBoard, Reporting, Tasks, Transport, Teacher, Parent, Student and System Configuration Modules.


Take a look at our product features page for a full list of system modules.

Product Showcase

Work 1
Dashboard Panel Noticeboard, Messaging and Tasks widgets active.
Work 2
Timetable Module Dynamically create timetables with drag and drop.
Work 11
Academic Syllabus Module With document and video support.
Work 3
Assessment Module Capturing of marks on an assessment.
Work 12
Assessment SMS Module Student and Parent SMS support.
Work 4
Daily Attendance Module Viewing of daily attendance on a student profile.
Work 5
Finance Module Invoicing with single and recurring payments.
Work 6
Invoice Invoice generation with payments tracking.
Work 7
Gallery Module Capture and maintain all your school albums.
Work 8
Homework Module With status tracking and email escalations.
Work 9
Messaging Module Inbox panel for a user.
Work 10
Student/Parent/Teacher Modules Manage all 3 roles on system.