Year Management

Easily switch between the current and past academic years and access all data captured during the selected time. Selecting a previous year is useful for archiving and historic purposes.

Class Management

Capture classes for each year and map data to classes. When the current academic year progresses, all linked data is access by switching to the previous year.

Subject Management

Color code subjects and map them to classes. Manage a variety of linked data including syllabus, homework and assessments.

Class Routine Setup

Class Routine or Academic Timetables represents the course schedule for one or more students. Drag and drop your previously created subjects to create a class routine in a matter of seconds.

Syllabus Management

Attach the academic syllabus documentation for a specific subject. Respective students may then access and download their documents from anywhere at any time.

Homework Management

Upload homework for a specific student and track its status. Notifications are sent and appear in real time on the students dashboard.


Assessment Capture and Management

Capture assessments or examinations, capture their results and notify student and parents of their grades. Eliminate paper based grading and manipulation, all data is accessible online from any device.

Assessment Notifications

Real time notifications will appear on both the Parent and Student dashboards.

Grading Management

Setup the grading structure for your academic institution. All reports and SMS messages incorporate the defined grading structure.

SMS Capabilities

Send the results for an assessment or examination to either Students or Parents or both. Eliminate delay and processing time. Integration is done via Clickatell. Alternative service providers may be implemented on request.

SMS History

View historic data for previously sent SMS’s with the ability to resend one or more SMS’s at will.


Many to Many Messaging

Create and send messages to a multitude of users along with the ability of expanding the conversation to multiple recipients.

Multi Profile Inter-Communication

Send messages across profiles. Administrators, Teachers, Students and Parents can send messages at will to each other.

Messaging Notifications

Instant dashboard notifications with real time updates on both the messaging pages as well as the dashboard.

SMS Messaging

Administrators may send messages via SMS to any user, whether for emergency or communications purposes. Integration is done via Clickatell. Alternative service providers may be implemented on request.

Email Messaging

Administrators may send messages via Email to any user, whether for emergency or communications purposes. Email may also be activated and sent for each message sent on system.


Single or Recurring Payments

Create single or recurring payments for multiple students. Track payments and view reports to ascertain the current financial balance as well as outstanding payments.

Expense Tracking and Management

Capture and track expenses and their movement across the academic institution. View summary reports that help simplify day to day tracking of costs.

Invoice Generation

Generate and view Invoices across all relevant profiles including: Administrators, Students and their Parents. Balance rollover support for recurring payments over various time-spans that greatly simplify the tracking of payment statuses.

Real Time Event/Once-Off Payements

Create single payments and assign them to students. Upon logging in the Student or Parent profile will have the ability to pay via the selected payment processor online if enabled on the site. Instant payments and confirmations, no more need for 3rd party mediators/payment methods.

PayPal and Payment Gateway Integration

PayPal integration is included and is configurable under the System Settings module. Any payment gateway will be implemented on request, with integration time being less than a week.

Other Modules

Attendance Module

Student and Teacher profile daily attendance marking with reporting capabilities. A summary view is available that depicts attendance across the current academic year.

Dormitory Module

Basic data capturing and tracking tasks related to dormitory management.

Gallery Module

The Gallery Module was built to help academic institutions store memories of their educational journey. Whether it be the school tour, an event or outing, captured memories are stored and available to all students permanently. Even after they have completed their studies.

NoticeBoard Module

The Noticeboard Module allows school administrators to post important notices to students, staff members and parents which will be available on their home screen. Notifications may also optionally be sent via Email and SMS.

Reporting – On All Tables

All tables that appear on system have built in export functionality. Generate Text, Excel and PDF extracts on the fly with the click of a button.

Reporting – Module

Reporting Module with filterable reports for Assessments, Attendance, Finance, Expenses and User Information. Additional reports will be created on request.

Reporting – Customizable Templates

Client facing report templates allow you as the user to customize the appearance as well as the data that appears on your reports.

Tasks Module

Tasks are available to all users and facilitate the process of managing a task through its school life cycle, helping users better track their day to day activities.

Transport Module

Basic data capturing and tracking tasks related to transportation management.

System Configuration Module

System configuration settings such as System Settings, Payment Processors and SMS Providers.

User Management Module

User related information management module that encapsulates a range of features such as profile configurations, widget settings and status updates.


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