Frequently Asked Questions

What is NSMS?

NSMS (Navi School Management Solution) is a complete end to end web portal that facilitates the running and operation of day to day activities within a school. Such activities include the capturing of results, tracking of attendance and processing of payments. For a detailed list of features, please visit our feature page here.

What type of academic institutions are supported by NSMS?

NSMS was built to support a variety of different academic institutions. We support a wide range of educational systems and is geared for K-12, Colleges, Universities, Training Centers and more.

What platforms does NSMS run on?

NSMS is a cloud based web portal that is accessed on a web browser. Once setup on a web address of your choice, users may access the portal form any device that is connected to the internet.

Is there a trial version for NSMS?

We will setup a trial version on request, however, there is an online demo that is available here.

Can I resell your school management system?

Yes, please contact us here for more information on our partnership program.

Do I need to worry about hosting requirements?

We will take care of all hosting requirements and offer the service free of charge as part of our service agreement. We host all of our software with top level hosting providers and guarantee >99% up-time with the utmost hardware specifications and performance.

Is there a guide for transferring from another system?

We do have a user manual available for download that will describe the system and its features in detail. If assistance is required please contact us to arrange for support here.

Is training provided on how to use NSMS?

We have a user manual available that outlines all the feature on system. If you require further assistance, don’t hesitate in contacting our support team. More details can be found on our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Do you provide support services?

We provide support at a cost based on the nature and complexity of the request. On site support is also available on request. Please contact us here.

Can I make use of my own server for hosting?

It will be possible to do so, but for security considerations we do not offer such a feature.

How much does NSMS cost?

We offer our school management system as SaaS (Software as a Service) under a month-to-month billing agreement. For more information regarding the exact cost, please view our pricing page here.

Are there any additional or hidden charges?

No, everything that appears on our pricing page is final. Support tasks, Custom implementation and on-site work is billed for separately and will be agreed upon and quoted with the client.

Is the data on system secure?

All data that is captured on system is secure and encrypted. We guarantee the protection of all information that is contained on our database servers.

Is my data backed up?

We run automated backups on schedule at the end of every day. In case of rollback requests or disaster recovery, you covered and can sleep well at night.

I would like to request a feature, what shall I do?

Don’t hesitate to contact us and file a request. We build our system based on client feedback and as a result offer all changes and new features free of charge to all our clients once deployed. If you have something you need or would like to see, please give us a call.

I would like payment integration using my own payment processor, how do I proceed?

Please give us a call and we will discuss and arrange integration of your desired payment gateway/platform.

What is your refund policy?

We offer use of our software as a service and on a per monthly billing agreement. We offer no refunds upon cancellation of our service.


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